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Jordan Hunter Jones - IMDb page

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He's been the voice of "Sonny" from CoCoa Puffs, starred in the Final Fantasy Starter Series, is a featured actor in Battlefield 2042, was the commercial voice of the Texas Rangers, has worked with DreamWorks, voiced countless documentaries and national ad campaigns, acted in films opposite Ben Affleck, been directed by legendary Director Robert Rodriguez, and continues to book many of today's top voice over and on-camera acting gigs! 


Jordan's done stand up comedy, performed as a professional musician, was in the Barbershop Harmony Society, was inducted into the International Philosophical Honors Society, and countless other credits in his life that are supposed to be listed on his website. But come on! Isn't this enough?! What more do you want from this guy? Geeeeze.......


Whether you prefer a straight read or animated performance, on the mic or in front of the camera, few can deliver the diversity and believability of Jordan Hunter Jones. Oh, and good luck getting any coaching from him. This guy's usually pretty busy. You know, because he actually BOOKS gigs! Kinda an important trait to have in a coach when you're looking for someone to actually show you how to do it. But who knows. He can probably make time for you. He loves to help nurture the next generation of talent. So reach out, and who knows, you, too, maybe be CooCoo for CoCoa Puffs!.....yeah....we said it..... 


A wonderfully great personality!

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